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Escape From Portsrood Forest (signed)

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A signed copy of Escape From Portsrood Forest.



A signed copy of Escape From Portsrood Forest.

“Charming and whimsical, with sinister undertones.” -David Lowrie, Black Dog Gamebooks

“Achieving progress in this gamebook often hits the sweet spot, that complete euphoria knowing that you’ve managed to add a further part of the mystery…a complex interwoven story…a slightly English countryside whimsical feel…Put in the effort, and this gamebook pays back ten fold.” -James Spearing, My Gamebook Adventures

What a sense of satisfaction to conquer it. That is one well-constructed gamebook and my brain boggles at what you had to do to put it together!” -Victoria Hancox, author of Nightshift

A brave knight wakes up and is surprised to be in the middle of an enchanted forest, with no memories of the previous night and only a bunch of mysterious herbs as a clue to what the evening consisted of.

That brave knight is you.

Try to escape from the forest while piecing together what you did last night. On your journey you will encounter a raft of strange inhabitants, including dwarves, elves, goblins, pixies, the Green Man and, of course, the Black Knight, who’s a real piece of work.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, all you need is a quill and ink to get started. Featuring a full-page map from David Lowrie.

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