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Sam Isaacson is a Coach

Enthusiastic, optimistic, and sceptical. Supportive and challenging. Grappling with technology to lead from the future and rediscover magic.

About Sam

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About Sam

Delivering Solutions

Sam’s vision for coaching and leadership is systemic and long-term.

Sam values cognitive reasoning alongside personal values, emotions, and somatics.

Sam approaches coaching systemically, incorporating governance, assurance, and impact monitoring.

Sam pays attention to technology within coaching conversations and in coaching management.


Working collaboratively
For the best outcomes


Coaching and leadership development

Sam offers goal-free experiential coaching, through generative attention, non-directive challenge, and intentionally irrational experimentation.


Consulting and advisory services

Sam offers bespoke coaching diagnostics and consulting services covering the end-to-end coaching value lifecycle, from strategic purpose through to quality assurance and impact reporting.


coach supervision and CPD

Sam works with coaches as a supervisor, mentor, and strategic partner, with a particular focus on using technology.



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Track record

Sam's experience is broad and deep


with experience particularly in financial services, as well as the public sector, online retail, and a range of others.

Global and in the UK

having worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world like the NHS, government bodies and FTSE-listed companies, and tiny organisations from seed startups to niche, local reinsurers.

Professional experience

across many disciplines, including internal audit, risk, compliance, technology, HR, and L&D.

Active in the coaching profession

playing roles in the ICF, the EMCC, and contributions to various coaching thinktanks. Chair of the Coaching Professional apprenticeship trailblazer group in England.

Globally recognised thought leader

frequently appearing at conferences, on podcasts, and quoted in industry publications and the mainstream media, including Forbes and The Telegraph.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of Sam’s core values are transparency, quality, creativity, and warm, personal, professional relationships. That pretty much sums up his approach to working with individuals and organisations.

Almost certainly! Please get in touch with more details.

Sam has delivered training on a range of topics. Most commonly, he offers:

  • leadership skills for first-time managers
  • coaching skills for leaders
  • strategic approaches to organisational coaching
  • creative uses of technology in coaching
  • getting prepared for the future of technology in coaching
  • coaching with emotions and the body

How long is a piece of string? Sam can be flexible, depending on many factors, including his availability, the nature of the work, and your budget. He values transparency and long-term relationships built on trust, so please do start an open conversation.



Contact Sam

Sam lives in London, UK, and is always keen to meet in person if time and geography allows. Sam works globally across timezones, so often meeting remotely is more convenient.


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Sam is a friendly person who would love to get to know you.