Hard to believe, but I promise it’s true…

…I actually made some mistakes when writing The Altimer.

I tried my best to plan and create a flawless masterpiece, and that didn’t stop me making changes and forgetting to go back and correct the impact those had made.

I tried to be creative and find ways to make the experience of reading a unique one every time, and ended up confusing myself in the process.

I had multiple, independent proof reads and play tests, and things have still fallen through the cracks.

Just a few, but if you encounter one of those few it could spoil your experience.

If you own the Kindle version of the book, congratulations! Your copy will be kept up-to-date through the magic of the internet.

If you own the paperback version, I’m pleased to announce that you may find this page very helpful. If you get sent to a section that doesn’t make sense, look up the relevant section number in the table and it will explain The Truth.