Other gamebook websites you might like

You stumble across a curious webpage, containing links to other websites in the gamebooks world. It strikes you that if you like Samuel’s gamebooks, you might like to explore these as well. It also strikes you that this list is far from complete, and that Samuel might want to hear about other websites to add to the list.

ACE Gamebooks Jonathan Green has been writing gamebooks for decades, and has started reimagining classic works of fiction as gamebooks.
Black Dog GamebooksDavid Lowrie has written and illustrated several adult gamebooks.
Click Your PoisonJames Schannep has been writing gamebooks longer than most, and his genre-spanning series is worth checking out.
FightingFantasy.netAn online gamebook creator and repository of online gamebooks.
FungameryFungamery.com is a place to play and create gamebooks, quizzes, and puzzles.
JamsPlaceLiterally Immersive Gamebooks is the series from the extremely lovable James Hirons, and his website is a treasure trove of gamebook goodness
Kingdom CatastrophesKingdom Catastrophes is a clever, funny interactive fiction app.
Steam HighwaymanMartin Barnabus Noutch has created an open-world steampunk gamebook series.
Victoria HancoxVictoria Hancox has written several popular modern horror gamebooks.