Coaching supervision

Coaching supervision


I’d love to work with you as you bring the future into your coaching practice and discover a more strategic lens. Let’s lean in to the indescribable magic that lies in the space inhabited by humans. Let’s unlock new insights together, shift our perspectives  and embrace growth and change.

Coaching supervision is a requirement of many professional bodies and coaching buyers. It’s also a good, ethical thing for coaches to do. Let’s work together! In groups of 3-5, on a monthly basis, we will:

  • spend time in appreciation for one another’s presence

  • celebrate successes and potential together

  • challenge one another on habitual thought patterns

  • be open to technology that enhances experiential discovery

  • engage with organisational context as an important strategic driver of systems thinking

  • increase the value and impact of our coaching practices in their diverse arenas

In our sessions together we will blend timeless humanity with innovation, where both past and future inform the present in expectation of transformative potential.

When you sign up you can expect to hear back from me with confirmation, at which point we will wait patiently for others and find a regular time that works for us all. Once we’ve put monthly sessions in the calendar you will automatically be billed on a monthly basis until you decide to stop.

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