Step into the metaverse

Step into the metaverse


This one-to-one experience provides coaches with a rich, in-depth onboarding experience using accessible metaverse technologies to enable us to be well prepared for the shift in remote meetings we’re likely to see in the coming years.

The experience is available either as a 1-hour rapid session, or a more in-depth experience conducted over two 1-hour sessions.

In the 1-hour session we will begin in Zoom. We will take a short amount of time becoming familiar with some jargon and concepts that will be commonplace soon enough, and then migrate to a metaverse environment from the comfort of our laptops, beginning to get comfortable using this potentially-unfamiliar technology and experimenting with coaching tools that could become part of a coach’s portfolio.

In a second session we will meet directly in the metaverse environment to conduct some experiences together that unpack its benefits, risks and ethical dilemmas, and more coaching tools.

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