The Coachtech Collective: Join the future of coaching!

The Coachtech Collective: Join the future of coaching!

The Coachtech Collective: Join the future of coaching!


Are you a professional coach seeking to stay at the forefront of the coaching industry’s digital evolution? Welcome to a new era of coaching excellence! This exclusive membership is meticulously crafted to empower coaches like you with the latest insights, tools and connections in the world of coachtech.

Why sign up?

  • Unlock the power of technology: In today’s rapidly changing world, technology plays a pivotal role in coaching. Explore the limitless possibilities of AI, VR, AR, MR and more.

  • Stay informed and inspired: Each month you’ll receive an exclusive report, including the latest tech developments, their applications in coaching, with practical insights and frameworks for your practice.

  • Connect with global colleagues: Join monthly specialist group coaching supervision sessions, designed to accommodate multiple time zones. Network with fellow coaches, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and experiment live with cutting-edge technology products.

  • Learn from the best: Access guest articles penned by coachtech thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Gain unique perspectives that will shape your coaching approach.

Monthly benefits

  • Navigating the digital frontier: Explore the profound impact of technology on the coaching profession to be ready. Understand how artificial intelligence, immersive technologies, blockchain, wearables, brain-computer interfaces and more are transforming coaching practices.

  • Gateway to the latest innovations: Stay on top of emerging technology and think through implications before societal shifts turn us into passengers.

  • Connecting coaches worldwide: Engage with peers from around the world in interactive, facilitated gatherings to experience live tech demos and find synergies with with a global community of forward-thinking coaches.

  • A path to continuous professional development (CPD): Maintain the high quality of your craft through coach mentoring and position yourself to support other coaches.

  • Meet thought leaders: Expect to be joined by prominent authors and leaders in the field

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