Refund policy and terms of service

Hi! I’m Samuel Isaacson, the author of the books featured on this website. I do everything myself, in my spare time, apart from printing the paperback books and creating the peripheral products. As a result, the products you’ll buy here fall into three categories:

  • Ebooks: If you buy an ebook by mistake, or buy one and don’t like it, and would like a refund, please do get in touch. The prices are low, and I’d rather not refund the full amount because I incur a small cost every time, but let’s have a conversation about it – I’m not unreasonable.
  • Paperbacks: These are fulfilled by Amazon, and I’ve always experienced them to be really helpful to sort out issues. If you don’t receive a book you’ve ordered, please let me know and I’ll try to sort it with them. If you’d like to return it, we can do that, and again Amazon tend to be very good about it.
  • Other stuff (cushions, posters, etc): These are fulfilled by another provider, and I’ve never had to work with them around failed deliveries or poor quality. If you’d like a refund, as above please get in touch and let’s see if we can’t get it sorted together.