Slow progress

I’m in the process of writing the third and final installment in the Entram trilogy. This one will be 500 sections long and will take you across earth and into a large-scale battle in space following your time on Mars.

I’m discovering that the increased number of sections is making the complexity disproportionally greater – there are more codewords and more possible routes. As a result, I’m finding it’s taking me longer to write the content in a way that will make sense regardless of the journey you’ve taken to get to that point.

In addition, I’m now moving house so am stuck dealing with estate agents, solicitors and lenders – all of whom I think I’d normally rather avoid! As a result, my mind seems to be protesting against the increased stress levels and enforcing a cap on my creativity…when I reach the editing stage I’m anticipating some quite hefty re-writes!

That all said, each day I’m making a bit of progress – I have the full story flow laid out now, have probably written 50 or so sections and have finished a couple of illustrations as well.

So watch this space! I’m not enforcing an arbitrary deadline on myself because I’d rather get a good quality book out…that said, I have lots of ideas about what the next project could look like so I’m excited to see this one nicely finished off.