Every forest is enchanted

Escape From Portsrood Forest is essentially an experience of wandering around an enchanted forest, filled with mythical creatures at every turn.

But that’s not what makes Portsrood Forest enchanted.

In fact, I’d argue that every forest is enchanted. I’ve found a tendency to treat trees like stones – interesting bits of scenery – when they’re so much more than that. Trees can feel, communicate, and care for their own children. Trees can see, count, play, move, and make decisions.

Trees are alive. More alive than I think we realise.

I hope that I’ve captured my awe in the presence of the remarkable creatures that trees are in the pages of Escape. In many gamebooks, the star of the story aside from the reader is a character who metaphorically sits on a throne, waiting for you to arrive and dispatch them to claim victory.

In this one, the star is the forest itself.