Four eyes

My first introduction to the phrase “four eyes” came in trying to understand the strange alien creature Twoflower depicted by Josh Kirby on the cover of The Colour of Magic. It was several months after finishing the book as an eight year-old that I got the joke.

Since then, I’ve developed an appreciation for having an extra pair of eyes look at my work. Or, in the case of Escape From Portsrood Forest, four extra pairs of eyes. And let me tell you, the book is so much better thanks to their honest and helpful input.

Some of the phrases I’ve had addressed at me over the last few weeks by my playtesters have been:

  • “the writing is good”
  • “this was starting to wear me out”
  • “I wasn’t to know where I get the tiny shoes from”
  • “I reached my limit”
  • “I found it a little confusing near the start”
  • “I had the feeling of being lost”
  • “great, nice, relaxing and challenging”
  • “I feel bad for writing this”
  • “a heavily enjoyable experience”

I’m so much more confident in the finished product now I’ve received that feedback and taken action. I really think you’re going to like it!