Progress towards a sequel

I started plotting out a sequel to The Altimer very soon after its release – it seems to me to be too short, and without enough attention paid to making New Gaia a living city.

I’ve now got to the point where a full sequel has been designed in a flow chart, and I have single-sentence drafts of 400 sections.

I’m hesitant to give away too much of the story so here are a few bits of the story you may encounter:

  • Escaping from a hospital overrun by the infested
  • Being pursued through the New Gaia city centre
  • Sneaking through a house containing a gang of people out to get you
  • Navigating your way through an evil mastermind’s underground lair
  • Mastering the complexity of a faction-driven political landscape

I’m considering publishing the sequel separately from The Altimer and then a combined, improved 700-reference all-in-one…or perhaps that should wait for the completion of the trilogy?

Any thoughts?