Countdown to Solar War

I published both The Altimer and New Gaia in 2019, and had every intention of releasing the finale in the Entram Epic trilogy in early 2020. But life happened, didn’t it?

I was moving house, the stress from which simply stopped my creativity. That was sad.

And then the lockdown inspired Escape From Portsrood Forest. That was great!

I then got distracted writing a non-fiction book, which was very interesting but didn’t leave me enough time, and 2020 ended without the book I’d planed to release at the start of the year.

That’s why I’m really happy to have Solar War nearly ready to go. Coming in at 500 sections it picks up right where New Gaia left off and keeps the same illustration style as the previous two books, so it really does feel like coming home in many respects.

It begins with a jaunt around Earth, merrily getting rid of those pesky symbiotic aliens for a while until the call comes to launch into deep space again for a truly epic interstellar war. And the ending…well, no spoilers but I’m very pleased with how you reach the final section and against the backdrop of murdering aliens and bravely protecting humanity from destruction, it might prove a bit of a tearjerker!