What’s next?

Solar War is now out – great news! – and so I immediately started thinking: What to do now?

Well, I’ve started work on a few more projects. I need a sense of momentum behind one before I know which will be the next to reach production stage, but it’s likely to be one of:

  • A gamebook focussed squarely at 7-11 year olds
  • Another in the style and world of Escape From Portsrood Forest, but this time based in a city
  • An ambitious piece of collaborative fiction in a new fantasy setting in which the reader shapes the world around them as much as their own story

While the creative part of my brain has been working on these, the logical part has been kept active through a complete overhaul of the Kindle versions of the Entram Epic. If you’ve bought the Kindle versions of these, download the update to find some corrected text and a much more satisfying user experience.